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Growing Arizona:
TRIF at work at ASU

Arizona’s Technology and Research Initiative Fund (TRIF) fuels research and innovation at our state’s public universities, advancing our state’s economy today and into the future.

How TRIF benefits Arizona

TRIF investment creates an ecosystem that empowers businesses to succeed in our state. Arizona’s long-term commitment to research attracts and generates companies that advance emerging technologies and helps them stay ahead of disruptive trends.

Our universities provide the talent, knowledge and infrastructure companies need to thrive in competitive industries. In turn, they create stable, high-wage jobs and invest in their communities — a “virtuous cycle” of economic growth and human well-being for generations to come.

TRIF impact at Arizona State University

At ASU, TRIF funding supports projects and initiatives in health, sustainability, national security and space exploration, and workforce development. ASU transforms these investments into big gains for Arizona. Programs seeded by TRIF go on to attract significant federal and philanthropic funding, recruit exceptional talent, and create new products and businesses that generate high-quality jobs.


$2.57 billion

in external funding attracted, a threefold return on investment


graduate students and postdocs and 9,800+ undergraduate students trained


U.S. patents issued


startup companies launched

Saving lives and improving health

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First-of-its-kind instrument officially ushers in new era of X-ray science

ASU has officially begun a new chapter in X-ray science with a newly commissioned, first-of-its-kind instrument that will help scientists see deeper into matter and living things. The device, called the compact X-ray light source (CXLS), marked a major milestone in its operations as ASU scientists generated its first X-rays.

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ASU teams up with Phoenix Children’s and Valleywise Health to study vaccine effectiveness

An ambitious, five-year, $12.5 million project undertaken by Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute, in close collaboration with Phoenix Children’s, Valleywise Health and ASU Health Services will evaluate how well influenza vaccines perform across populations and under a range of conditions.

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ASU researchers developing pioneering drug to treat Alzheimer's disease

ASU researcher Travis Dunckley his colleagues have developed a candidate drug they hope may successfully block the development or advancement of Alzheimer’s disease in Down syndrome patients.

Creating solutions for air, water and energy

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State of Arizona taps ASU to lead water innovation initiative

University to lead partnership for immediate, actionable solutions to state's water needs now and into the future

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This imaginative tech is transforming conservation

At the Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science, researchers are expanding their reach — and their senses — with labs that fly, drones that swim, cameras that orbit and other imaginative technology to study ecosystems around the world.

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The heat is on

Researchers aim to find more effective ways of coping with overexposure to extreme high temperatures.

Protecting human safety and security

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How universities can support the National Defense Strategy

ASU News spoke with Nadya Bliss, the executive director of the Global Security Initiative, about the role of critical and emerging technologies in geopolitical competition and how universities can support these priorities.

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Creating the future cybersecurity workforce

While cybersecurity is critical to national security, the demand for professionals in the field exceeds the supply. ASU experts and educators are training and upskilling the workforce to meet this vital need.

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2 ASU experts join national panel to address security risks from climate change

ASU was the only organization to send two appointees to the Climate Security Roundtable, established by Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

Pioneering a new space age

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1st Black woman to pilot a US spacecraft lands new position at ASU

As artist- and explorer-in-residence, Sian Proctor shares her out-of-this-world experience with the ASU community.

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Lunar rover project to be featured at NASA forum

Luminosity Lab collaborated with Interplanetary Laboratory on project sparked by NASA BIG Idea Challenge.

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Office space: ASU, Blue Origin to create business park in orbit

Arizona State University is partnering with Blue Origin to create Orbital Reef, a mixed-use space station for commerce, research and tourism. The station will open new markets and make living and working in space a reality for more businesses, scientific efforts and nations.

Empowering a thriving workforce

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ASU launches new quantum research collaborative

Initiative to promote understanding of quantum technology and build a workforce around this burgeoning field.

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Defense under secretary visits ASU MacroTechnology Works

Shyu, others at roundtable discuss pressing national security needs of research and fabrication, supply chain and workforce development

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Bringing today's science to tomorrow's scientists

ASU researchers are developing interactive virtual lessons to bring biotechnology to diverse classrooms around Arizona.

How TRIF is funded

In 2000, Arizona voters approved a 0.6 cent sales tax increase to raise funds for education through Proposition 301. In 2018, Gov. Doug Ducey extended the sales tax increase for an additional 20 years by signing SB 1390. While the majority of the revenue goes to K-12 education, a small portion of the fund fuels research, workforce development and technology transfer at Arizona’s three public universities through TRIF, which is administered by the Arizona Board of Regents.