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Spotlight: Space

A yellow machine in the Instrument Design and Fabrication Core Facility

ASU certificated to build sensitive aerospace instruments in-house

The Instrument Design and Fabrication Core Facility was certified to custom-build sensitive instruments that meet aviation, space and defense industry requirements. It is one of only a few U.S. university facilities to gain this certification from the Performance Review Institute Registrar.

Illustration of the International Space Station orbiting Earth in space

Interplanetary Initiative wins ISS National Lab grant

ASU Interplanetary Initiative won a grant from the International Space Station National Laboratory to create a professional development program that will help middle school teachers bring space research into their classrooms. The goal: to inspire young students to pursue STEM and space careers.

A man and woman shake hands in front of an Indo-Pacific space and Earth banner. Two women stand beside them.

Space workforce training program goes Down Under

The Milo Space Science Institute, led by ASU, will offer its space workforce training program to university and vocational students in Australia and New Zealand with a goal to expand across the Indo-Pacific region. The academy aims to build capacity in the region and engagement in the global space economy.

Knowledge Enterprise in the news

People in mobile homes are disproportionately vulnerable to heat. Emergency Arizona law helps

A new Arizona law — supported by research from ASU’s Knowledge Exchange for Resilience — is helping some of the state’s residents who are most vulnerable to extreme heat.

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An ASU researcher cracked the code of Gila monster DNA. They’re even weirder little guys than you realized.

ASU evolutionary biologist Melissa Wilson kicked off a crowd-funding campaign years ago. Now, she’s the first to sequence Gila monster genes.

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ASU researchers develop voice authentication to guard against AI

Electrical engineer Visar Berisha has developed a a prototype of a microphone that would authenticate voice recordings as human speech.

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ASU researcher talks heat impact on health conditions

Dr. Pope Moseley, a research professor in the College of Health Solutions, says heat’s impact on health is greater than we realize, calling it a “force multiplier” of disease.

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Loneliness can kill, and new research shows middle-aged Americans are particularly vulnerable

ASU psychology researcher Frank Infurna details his team’s new study, in which he found middle-aged Americans are lonelier than their European counterparts.

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Cyberattacks are disrupting critical infrastructure. This expert says we can all fight back

Professor Katrina Michael joined The Show to discuss the growing cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure and how we can combat them.

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