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Spotlight: Sustainability

photo collage of Phoenix, a hand sampling canal water, scientists in a lab, solar panels

The role of the university in changing the world

We know people can change the world in monumental ways, but how do we change the world with purpose, in a positive way, for ourselves and future generations? ASU leaders talk about what we need to do differently and the role universities should play.

hand sifting plastic pellets in a bucket

First-of-its-kind plastics recycling microfactory launches

A new plastics recycling and remanufacturing “microfactory” will convert waste materials into new products, provide skilled job opportunities and create a cooperative business model in Phoenix.

Photo collage showing farmland, water treatment plant, woman checking solar panels, two men looking at a laptop while outside

A win for the environment and the economy in the Southwest

ASU will lead a multi-institutional enterprise to confront the climate challenges facing the desert Southwest and spur economic development in the region.

Knowledge Enterprise in the news

Loneliness can kill, and new research shows middle-aged Americans are particularly vulnerable

ASU psychology researcher Frank Infurna details his team’s new study, in which he found middle-aged Americans are lonelier than their European counterparts.

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Cyberattacks are disrupting critical infrastructure. This expert says we can all fight back

Professor Katrina Michael joined The Show to discuss the growing cybersecurity threats to critical infrastructure and how we can combat them.

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New report warns of threats to metro Phoenix groundwater

ASU’s Kyl Center for Water Policy warns the groundwater supply in the Phoenix area faces some major threats in the years ahead.

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How we talk about opioids can affect a patient’s treatment

English professor Peter Torres says his research suggests how doctors and patients discuss opioids can affect treatment.

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Judging extremes: ASU climatologist traces trajectory of weather records in new book

“Judging Extreme Weather: Climate Science in Action,” a new book from ASU climatologist Randy Cerveny, examines the history and politics of weather reporting.

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Study: Dehydration a greater threat than heat stress in honey bees when temps climb

A study of bees at ASU and the University of California, Davis, found that biggest danger of heat was the possibility of bees drying out.

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