ASU Knowledge Enterprise Development advances research, innovation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, and international development. Our success arises from solutions-focused, interdisciplinary research; an entrepreneurial approach that is embedded in every school and department; and a commitment to transform society in a positive way.

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A ‘living drug’ that beats cancer | ASU KEDtalk

Could unleashing the body’s immune system cure cancer? Karen Anderson reveals how a scientific breakthrough that empowers the body’s own cancer-killing T cells offers new hope.

 A hand holds a smart phone. On its screen is a app designed to educate users about supply chain management. The caption reads: Banner image: A rendering of the ShipShape app in use. Image courtesy of Luminosity

ASU, USAID ignite global supply chain education

Supply chain problems can be a matter of life and death, particularly in the developing world. ASU faculty and students are working with USAID to increase access to critical knowledge.

 Wi-Fi connectivity emanates from a lock icon, surrounded by symbols representing different facets of the internet of things. Banner illustration by Changwha Kyung

Seven ways to stay secure in a connected world

Smart devices provide tremendous benefits, but each one is a gateway to your personal information. ASU researchers provide tips for protecting your safety and privacy.

 Two men stand in front of a pond ringed by palm trees, their fishing rods nearby. The caption reads: A pair of urban fisherman enjoy one of the 29 different fishing locations spread throughout the Valley of the Sun

With urban fishing, there’s a catch

Fishing in urban lakes and ponds can provide an inexpensive source of protein and other nutrients. But ASU’s Beth Polidoro says regulation of waterways doesn’t cast a wide enough net.


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ASU Knowledge Enterprise Development advances research, innovation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship and economic development at ASU, in Arizona and globally.


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How do we feed a growing world population? Is space travel commercially viable? What if we could detect disease before they do permanent harm? ASU researchers are polling their expertise in the natural sciences, engineering, arts and humanities to address big challenges and answer important questions. Learn about key areas where ASU is making discoveries that make a difference.