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Knowledge Enterprise Development advances faculty and student research, entrepreneurship, and economic development at ASU, in Arizona and beyond. We offer services and support to faculty throughout the entire research life-cycle—from locating funding opportunities to commercializing new technologies.

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Research Academy

links you to the resources, tools and teams you need at the moment you need them. Use this site to find information and professional development events that will assist you at any stage of your research career. The Kick Off Your Research topic series will help you:

  • Get started
  • Find your department Research Advancement Administrator (RA)
  • Search for funding opportunities
  • Learn about ASU resources
  • Research your sponsor
  • Identify potential collaborators
  • Develop key sections of your proposal
  • Manage your projects
Research Development

supports researchers with funding search tools, limited submissions, sponsor analysis, support for visits to federal sponsors and Research Forum events designed to encourage transdisciplinary research, foster collaboration and create opportunities for ideas to take shape and flourish. Sign up for weekly updates on our website.

Research Advancement Services

provides support for proposal development and award management for externally sponsored projects and is the primary contact for research-project-related questions. Call or email to find out who your RA contact is.

The Proposal and Negotiation Team

acts as the institutional official to external sponsors. The primary functions of PNT are:

  • Provide advice and assistance on pre-award issues
  • Support RA staff in proposal development
  • Review and submit proposals to sponsors
  • Review, negotiate and execute incoming grants, agreements, contracts and subawards
The Office of Industry Research Collaborations

acts as the institutional official to industry sponsors. The primary functions of OIRC are:

  • Provide advice and assistance on pre-award issues for industry proposals
  • Support RA staff in developing industry proposals
  • Review and submit proposals to industry sponsors
  • Review, negotiate and execute incoming industry research agreements, non-disclosure agreements and material transfer agreements
The Award Management Team

acts as the institutional official for all post-award management functions, including:

  • Award setup and award modifications
  • Invoicing, financial reporting and all non-technical reporting
  • RA/BOM support and policy guidance
The Fiscal Oversight Team

acts as the institutional official in the following areas:

  • Cash management
  • Audit liaison for all audits
  • Effort reporting oversight and system improvements
  • Risk management including expenditure and subrecipient monitoring
  • F&A rate application
  • Recharge center support
The Office of Research Integrity and Assurance

administers key research compliance programs and committees for the university to promote responsible conduct of research in the areas of:

  • Animal care
  • Human subject protections
  • Laboratory and radiation safety
  • Financial conflicts of interest
  • Export controls

The team monitors compliance in accordance with university policy and federal guidelines and partners with faculty, staff and student researchers to develop effective ways to manage risks, provide value to the research enterprise, and minimize the administrative burden on researchers.

Department of Animal Care and Technologies

supports animal-based research and teaching. DACT maintains four centralized vivaria on the Tempe campus and provides:

  • State-of-the-art animal husbandry
  • Technical expertise to assist in procedures
  • Training in animal handling and procedures
  • Assistance in developing studies and Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocols
  • Assurance of regulatory compliance and animal well-being
Research Infrastructure and Facilities Group

manages research facilities including: ISTB 1 through 5, Biodesign A and B, Arizona BioMedical Collaborative, and MacroTechnology Works at the ASU Research Park. Services include:

  • Space assignments and space survey certification
  • Space planning including renovation and upgrade support
  • Space management reports, utilization studies and performance metrics
  • Reports on research space to NSF and ABOR
  • Planning of new research facilities
  • Monitoring of research facility costs including operation and maintenance, utilities, and debt service
  • Coordination of research space issue with University Planners Office and Facilities Development and Management
Project Management Office

provides competitive intelligence, proposal development and project management support to faculty teams pursuing large, complex projects. This team manages the administrative burden that comes with coordinating large-scale proposals. Project managers work with PIs during proposal development to plan the project activities, budgets and management plans. Additionally, they help to monitor budgets, track milestone delivery, and facilitate communications within the team and with the sponsor.

Global Operations

reduces the risks and burdens of conducting international business by developing ASU’s infrastructure and delivering global project solutions. The team provides a central coordinating resource for foreign legal, tax, employment, contracting, banking cash management, purchasing, entity creation, and health and safety issues.

ASU Research Computing

provides our community a leading academic supercomputing facility, maintaining a traditional high-performance computing environment, high-end data-intensive ecosystem and highly available 100 gigabit network. In line with the nation’s most progressive universities, ASU Research Computing offers ease of access to ubiquitous compute capacity in the cloud, removing financial barriers to entry for faculty and student researchers. The program offers in-house expert support as well as a variety of educational and outreach opportunities.