Knowledge Enterprise Development leadership

Executive Vice President, ASU Knowledge Enterprise
Chief Research and Innovation Officer
A team of talented and creative leaders advance ASU’s efforts in research, innovation, entrepreneurship, strategic partnerships, and economic and international development. The Knowledge Enterprise Development executive team and the leaders of our interdisciplinary institutes and initiatives inspire and help faculty, staff, students and the local community to advance their discoveries and innovative solutions to create societal impact.

Executive team

Associate Vice President
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Associate Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Knowledge Enterprise Operations
Assistant Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Research Technology
Associate Vice President
International Development
Executive Director
Strategic Marketing and Communications
Managing Director
Innovation Zones
Executive Director and Chief of Staff
ASU Knowledge Enterprise
Executive Director
Associate Vice President
Corporate Engagement and Strategic Partnerships
Managing Director
Health and Clinical Partnerships
Vice President
Vice President and Vice Provost
Global Futures Laboratory
Chief Science Officer
ASU Knowledge Enterprise