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About Us

A Legacy of Discovery

Established as a university in 1958, Arizona State University swiftly grew its research enterprise, earning the prestigious Research I designation from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching in 1994.

By the end of the millennium, ASU had established itself as a leader in several areas of study, most notably space exploration, electron microscopy, sustainability and human origins.

In 2002, ASU President Michael Crow set forth a new and ambitious trajectory to become a comprehensive knowledge enterprise dedicated to the simultaneous pursuit of excellence, broad access to quality education and meaningful societal impact.

One of the key goals for this New American University has been to establish ASU as a global center for interdisciplinary research, discovery and development. This goal centers on use-inspired research and the fusion of intellectual disciplines in order to solve complex problems.

Explore our Legacy of Discovery timeline to learn about ASU science and scholarship over the past two decades.

ASU Research Today

Today, ASU is the fastest-growing research institution in the United States, having more than quadrupled the size of its research enterprise since 2002. Learn about more of our recent achievements on our Facts & Figures page.

We are also strategically expanding our capacity in a few key areas, based on existing strengths and societal need. These include:

  • water resources 
  • manufacturing
  • transportation
  • cybersecurity
  • megacities
  • education innovation
  • wellness

About Knowledge Enterprise Development 

ASU Knowledge Enterprise Development advances research, innovation, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, economic development and international development.

Our activities encompass:

  • Research institutes and initiatives – empowering researchers to solve complex problems through university-wide, interdisciplinary research centers
  • Research development – connecting ASU expertise to key societal needs and securing resources to develop solutions
  • Research administration – assisting faculty and student researchers with funding opportunities, proposal writing, award management and more
  • Research ethics and integrity – ensuring compliance with federal, state and university regulations governing the ethical conduct of research
  • Research computing – providing supercomputing capabilities to faculty and student researchers
  • Strategic partnerships – collaborating with companies, nonprofits, governments and academic institutions around the world
  • Entrepreneurship programs – accelerating student, faculty and community ventures through training, networking, mentoring and support
  • Technology transfer – bringing new knowledge to market and protecting intellectual property rights
  • Economic development – advancing economic growth and a robust workforce in Arizona and the region
  • International development – propelling sustainable development in communities around the world

Learn more about Knowledge Enterprise Development.


Economic Impact

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Legacy of Discovery

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2015 Year in Review

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