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Study finds 87 percent of US adults have trouble sleeping

The Christian Post | June 26, 2017

Shawn Youngstedt, a sleep researcher at the Arizona State University, admits that sleep medication is still more effective than exercise. However, "sleeping pills are extremely hazardous," Youngstedt said.


Harvesting clean water from air

Scientific American | June 26, 2017

Cody Friesen, founder of Zero Mass Water and a materials scientist at Arizona State University, developed the system with the aim of having it work sustainably and easily anywhere in the world. An installed system with one solar panel sells in the U.S. for about $3,700, including a required 10 percent donation toward reducing costs for installations in parts of the globe lacking a water infrastructure.

Antibacterial soaps may do more harm than good, scientists warn

The Telegraph | June 25, 2017

Dr Rolf Halden, Professor of engineering at Arizona State University added: "Environmental and human exposures to triclosan and triclocarban are widespread, affecting pregnant women, developing foetuses, and breast-feeding babies.

Extreme heat scorches southern Arizona

The New York Times | June 25, 2017

David Sailor, a professor at Arizona State University and the director of its Urban Climate Research Center, said that such heat waves were to be expected in the summer, but that climate change amplified such spikes in temperature.

“The science is showing that the likelihood and the magnitude of these heat waves is likely to be exacerbated by climate change,” he said.

ASU professor creating app to show routes on campus with the most shade

Fox 10 News | June 23, 2017

ASU Climatologist, Professor Ariane Middel, is now testing for the coolest route to help these students out. She's been using a temperature cart to track the areas with the most shade.

"It measures the radiation that hits the body from all different directions and that's a proxy for thermal comfort. So it basically measures how comfortable you feel in the outdoors if you're in the shade, in the sun, over grass or various locations," said Middel.

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