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Watch Arizona's top business leaders and educators discuss the future of education

Phoenix Business Journal | December 12, 2017

Arizona State University President Michael Crow, along with other education advocates, will be featured this morning as part of a panel discussion looking at the state's education priorities.

Don't miss the best meteor shower of 2017, happening Thursday morning

AZ Central | December 12, 2017

Meteors will appear across the sky, said Patrick Young, an associate professor at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration. In the city, you have the best chance of seeing meteors if you look straight up, where the sky will be the darkest.

ASU, TCH turning old advertising banners into bags

KJZZ | December 11, 2017

You know those banners you see hanging from lampposts around the ASU campus? The ones advertising upcoming events, or promoting the Sun Devils?

Well, the school and a nonprofit have found a new use for them once they’re taken down — and that new use is tote bags.

Super-rich shown to have grown out of ancient farming

The Guardian | December 09, 2017

“The only large animals in the New World were dogs and turkeys and you cannot do a lot of ploughing with them,” said another study scientist, Professor Michael Smith of Arizona State University, in Tempe. “In the end, that had a significant impact on societies. They had less inequality.”

In scorched California, a year of 'epic firefighting' is testing limits

The New York Times | December 08, 2017

“Of course you need fire protection, but just responding by getting more engines and aircraft doesn’t work,” said Stephen J. Pyne, a fire historian at Arizona State University. “Under the extreme conditions the system fails.”

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