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Simple bacteria offer clues to the origins of photosynthesis

Quanta Magazine | October 17, 2017

By taking near-atomic, high-resolution X-ray images of proteins from primitive bacteria, investigators at Arizona State University and Pennsylvania State University have extrapolated what the earliest version of photosynthesis might have looked like nearly 3.5 billion years ago.

ASU engineers developing edible medical devices

ABC 15 | October 17, 2017

ASU engineers are working to test edible, digestible medical devices on human patients next year. 

Professor Hanqing Jiang leads a team of six students working on the project.

No, Yellowstone's supervolcano isn't going to wipe out life on Earth anytime soon

TIME | October 13, 2017

“It’s shocking how little time is required to take a volcanic system from being quiet and sitting there to the edge of an eruption,” Hannah Shamloo, an ASU graduate student who was part of the research team, told the newspaper.

Scientists digging in Swiss sewage find millions in gold and silver

The Washington Post | October 13, 2017

Researchers from Arizona State University published a similar study in 2015, finding that a U.S. city of 1 million people flushes up to $13 million worth of precious metals into the sewage system each year. Roughly $2.3 million of that is gold and silver.

Teaching activities for: 'Why are more American teenagers than ever suffering from severe anxiety?'

The New York Times | October 13, 2017

What does Suniya Luther, a professor of psychology at Arizona State University, say about privileged youth and emotional distress, and why?

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