An update on the ASU jetpack project

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by Alexander Chapin
October 12, 2016
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An update on the ASU jetpack project

Two years ago, ASU student Jason Kerestes built a jetpack. His goal was for anyone who wore it to run a four minute mile. Find out how the project has progressed since its inception and what Kerestes is up to today.

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Jason Kerestes, robotics engineer, ASU alumnus, Boeing Company:  The ASU JetPack video really kicked off a lot of interests in the JetPack. It's been a lot of fun. It's kind of been a roller coaster ride. You go through design, make modifications to it, then you test it out. You re‑design and you keep making improvements to the device.

This is the new carbon‑fiber JetPack. It's basically a waist mount of JetPack. The unique thing about this version is that I've been able to eliminate quite a bit of the weight that was on the original version just by eliminating all of the aluminum frame and the plastic frame. It's more for the extreme sports, people that aren't necessarily running, for example riding on a skateboard, riding a bicycle, skiing, or snowboarding.

Riding on a bicycle, the rider was able to increase their top speed from 39 miles an hour to 53 miles an hour. On the skateboard, we were able to reach the top speed of 32 miles an hour on a long board. I tested both of those. The device could have gone faster, but I was a little bit out of my comfort zone going about 30 on the long board. This is a little bit crazy.

I'm working on further development of the JetPack. I am also working on designing a new exoskeleton, called REST ‑ EXO, for Robotic Exoskeleton Support Technology to help people that have trouble standing, people that have hurt knees or hurt ankles, and make them able to get back up and walk.

Anything is possible. There're complex problems that we encounter every day in life. With enough motivation and dedication, you can really go out and change the world.