New frontiers in health: Immunosignatures

Stephen Johnston, co-director of the Center for Innovations in Medicine, has developed a device that can determine your health status from a single drop of blood or saliva. By examining the action of B-Cells in a process known as immunosignaturing, the HealthTell device can diagnose a developing illness or disease before any symptoms appear. This could revolutionize diagnostics. 

New frontiers in health: personal gene scanner

The DNA nanopore, designed at ASU, is a single molecule technology that can read the entire genome of an individual for less than $1,000. Functioning inside a medical device, this same technology will one day be able to read the epigenetic code within the proteins of a patient's cell. This will revolutionize diagnostic medicine and create a truly personalized standard of treatment.

Share the light: Happy holidays from OKED

This year ASU celebrates the researchers and innovators who use light and light-based technologies to focus, reveal, highlight, communicate, illuminate, enlighten and inspire.

Dog memory maze

Dogs share our homes, our lives and our hearts. Unfortunately, they also share our vulnerability to dementia, through a disease similar to Alzheimer’s. At ASU’s Canine Science Collaboratory, dogs navigate a maze to help researchers understand memory in man’s best friend.

Humanities infuse research with history, culture and meaning

How do humans assign value and meaning? What is the role of religion in our lives? Do we owe anything to the natural environment? Many of life’s deepest questions can't be studied in a test tube or solved with an algorithm. They can only be explored through the humanities.