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June 01, 2016
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A New American University: Designed for Discovery

What kind of world do we want to live in, and how do we create it? As a New American University, ASU is designed to empower discovery and innovation that has a profound impact on our community and our world. In this video, ASU scientists, scholars and entrepreneurs share the significance of research and innovation in our knowledge enterprise.

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A New American University: Designed for Discovery


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Sethuraman “Panch” Panchanathan, executive vice president, chief research and innovation officer, Knowledge Enterprise Development: We have embarked on this fantastic mission of what we call the New American University. That is defined by three things that we're advancing on simultaneously, namely access, excellence, and impact. And a knowledge enterprise view of the university implies that we are producing outstanding people, fantastic ideas, and creating phenomenal impact.

John “Jack” Blanchette, chief financial officer and EVP of business development, NextPotential: Research is this great product of knowledge that's available, but oftentimes underutilized, what ASU is providing here is a way to truly incorporate this great body of work into you own ambitions and your own promise.

David Hayden, ASU alumnus, founder, Essistive Technologies: It is a place to re‑imagine the kinds of things that we currently consider constraints or limitations, and to find ways around them, and to find ways to re‑imagine our world view. It's a noble pursuit, honestly.

Natasa Vulic, doctoral student, electrical engineering: I think that process of bringing together people who are excited about learning new things, and trying new things, and of pushing the limits of innovation is what moves this country forward, and what moves the world forward.

Christopher Groppi, associate professor, School of Earth and Space Exploration:  Our economy is based on high tech innovation, the computer chip. And all of that would not exist if it wasn't for fundamental research in physics 100 years ago.

Duncan A. Hoffman, director of technology and operations, NextPotential: Research is the basis for innovation and by translating that into the market place it gives us an opportunity to shape people's lives, and make a real difference in our everyday experience.

Jason Kerestes, robotics engineer, ASU alumnus, Boeing Company: It allows us to really push the boundaries of science.

Linda Kuenzi, ECLSS engineer, ASU alumnus, Bigelow Aerospace: For me, it's kind of about curiosity, too. I think humans have a natural urge to explore. Research is how we can learn more about the universe we live in.

Ben Hurlbut, assistant professor, School of Life Sciences: I think the area in which we need greater innovation is in our ways of thinking and conversing together about what kind of world we want to build for ourselves.

Michael M. Crow, president, ASU: We have literally been able to move and innovate at light speed. Within that innovation, and all that it means, and all that it represents, we are in one of the most innovative places.

George Poste, chief scientist, CASI and Regents’ Professor: Knowledge is not uni‑dimensional or a single discipline. The key trend and what differentiates ASU is the ability to bring all these different disciplines together.

Paul Davies, Regents’ Professor of physics, director, BEYOND center: This is a quest which is driven just as much from the heart as from the head. If we're not passionate human beings, if we don't really believe that we live in a wonderful universe, and that life itself is wonderful, then I'm not sure that, that's a society I would want to live in.

Panchanathan: It is not only what you learn at the university that is important, but how you apply that knowledge throughout your life. The knowledge enterprise at ASU is empowering our students, community, faculty, and alumni to thrive and prosper well into the future.


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