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What the heck is affection?

A lot of people would define "affection" they way they define good art: "I can't explain it, but I know it when I see it." For a scientist, however, that's not enough.

Mystery of the muse

Creativity is considered an attractive trait by both men and women. Research from ASU shows that the reverse is also true--feelings of attraction inspire the imagination. People automatically become more creative when they have a romantic partner in mind.

Catching some rays: Harnessing the power of photosynthesis

Photosynthesis may hold the key to curing humans of their addiction to oil and other fossil fuels.

Synchronized swimmers in the gene pool

This stereo image of fungal cell nuclei in the process of dividing was one of several microscopic images displayed in an art exhibit at the Tilt Gallery in Phoenix.

The effects of affection

Being affectionate is good for you. Affection can be a simple, inexpensive, and non-pharmaceutical way to reduce stress.