Video and photo shoots

Video and television news crews and photographers requesting to shoot footage or photos inside ASU research facilities must obtain prior permission from Knowledge Enterprise Strategic Marketing and Communications. Videographers and photographers must be accompanied at all times by a member of our staff when shooting inside our facilities.

Depending on the location of your shoot, you may be required to wear safety goggles, a lab coat, closed toed shoes and a mask during filming. Specific requirements will be shared with you once your request to film is approved and confirmed.

Interview an expert

If you need help finding an expert on a topic you are covering, or if you would like to schedule an interview with a specific ASU faculty or staff member, we can help.

Request photos and b-roll

We can often provide you with photos or b-roll of research activities, campuses, facilities, faculty and students. Appropriate attribution to Arizona State University must be made on all images, including for website usage.

ASU logos

The ASU logo and the logos of units within the university are protected under federal law and may only be used with prior permission. Use of any ASU logo indicates agreement to abide by the university standards within the brand guide.

Media contacts

Sandra Keaton Leander

Assistant Director, Media Relations
ASU Knowledge Enterprise

ASU Media Relations and Strategic Communications

Knowledge Enterprise news