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KED Units

Knowledge Enterprise Development Units

This site focuses on ASU’s research enterprise, which is one facet of Knowledge Enterprise Development at ASU. In addition to advancing research, Knowledge Enterprise Development trains and supports entrepreneurs, leads the university's economic development activities, engages with corporate partners and international development agencies, and facilitates technology transfer. Learn more about these programs and activities below.


Designed for discovery

ASU has created a vibrant environment of discovery, interdisciplinary research and innovation focused on solving society’s greatest challenges. ASU is one of the fastest growing research enterprises in the U.S., with research expenditures nearly tripling over the last decade.



Entrepreneurship + Innovation

Empowering entrepreneurs

ASU’s Entrepreneurship + Innovation group provides a range of services to faculty, staff and student entrepreneurs as well as to startups outside of ASU. Our entrepreneurship programs offer training and mentorship, seed funding, office space, and opportunities for collaboration among entrepreneurs at various stages in their ventures.


Corporate Engagement

Collaborating with industry

The Corporate Engagement team connects companies of all sizes with ASU resources to advance their business goals. Our corporate partners recruit student and alumni talent, access ASU facilities and tools, collaborate with researchers, license technology developed at ASU, sponsor class projects, and more.


Economic Development

An engine for a thriving economy

ASU works with the economic development community in Arizona, partnering with local and state organizations to build Arizona’s economy. In addition, ASU pursues economic development through its own initiatives, drawing on the diversity of its knowledge base and its ability to convene partners at the local, state, national and international levels.


International Development

Solutions for complex global challenges

ASU International Development identifies and pursues projects that provide solutions to the most complex challenges facing the developing world today. We provide the link between ASU’s world-class researchers and international development funding agencies around the world. We engage NGOs, the public sector and foundations in strategic partnerships that leverage our individual strengths to create solutions for long-term, sustainable development.


Technology Transfer

From discovery to market

Arizona Technology Enterprises (AzTE) is the exclusive intellectual property management and tech transfer organization for ASU. AzTE works with faculty, investors and industry partners to speed the flow of innovation from research laboratory to the marketplace while protecting intellectual property rights.