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How foods labeled 'healthy' can still make you fat

U.S. News & World Report | October 18, 2017

Prior studies have shown that sugary foods can make a person feel hungrier later in the day, said lead researcher Naomi Mandel, a professor of marketing at Arizona State University.

Behind the times: US is paying billions in extra road repairs per year

Forbes | October 18, 2017

The study, conducted by a team at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona, published their findings in the journal Nature Climate Change. They found that engineers in America use a temperature data set that spans from 1964 to 1995 when modeling the weather conditions newly built roads will encounter.

Phoenix's heat is rising - and so is the danger

AZ Central | October 18, 2017

Sacaton’s average summer temperature was 86 in 1948 and 90 in 2011, ASU researcher Matei Georgescu determined. The average day-to-night difference was virtually unchanged in both periods, around 33 degrees.

Why do people cheat at work?

KJZZ | October 17, 2017

But Mike Baer believes one factor in workplace cheating is unrealistic expectations. Baer is an assistant professor in the W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU in the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship, and he’s been looking into this.

ASU researcher part of secretive team that investigated neutron star collision

AZ Family | October 17, 2017

“This is like the biggest event of the year -- perhaps of the decade. Something we had to be secretive about for about a month,” said ASU associate professor Nathaniel Butler. “Couldn't tell anybody. Couldn't tell reporters. Had to keep our doors closed.”

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