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Plastic pollution: Cancer-causing animal on the prowl

The Economic Times | June 05, 2018

A study by Arizona State University researchers indicate that humans have already altered the environment to suite their needs to such an extent that we may have 'become oncogenic', a cancercausing species.

Aging-related diseases may be a negative outcome of human evolution

The Scientist | June 01, 2018

Randolph Nesse, who conducts research to understand the evolutionary origins of diseases at Arizona State University, describes the study as "a wonderful example about how evolutionary thinking and medicine is coming together with advanes in genomics to open up a whole new area."

Tempe partners with ASU to study city wastewater to monitor public health

ABC15 | May 30, 2018

The City of Tempe is partnering with researchers at Arizona State University to study the wastewater of its residents to monitor public health and combat opioid abuse.

Deadly temperatures develop in one hour, new study finds

Forbes | May 30, 2018

Leaving your vehicle for just an hour in the hot sun, or even in the shade, creates conditions that are deadly, according to the findings of the new study by researchers from Arizona State University and University of California San Diego.

Humanity's ability to spread cancer is far more widespread than we thought

Inverse | May 25, 2018

Cancer rate has been found in all species where scientists have looked for it and human activities are known to strongly influence cancer rate in humans," Mathieu Giraudeau, Ph.D., also a ASU postdoctoral researcher, said in the statement. "So this human impact on wild environments might strongly influence the prevalence of cancer in wild populations, with additional consequences on ecosystem functioning."

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