News and views | June 14, 2019

"There is a very high correlation between [gastrointestinal] severity and autism severity—for language, for social interaction, for behavior, all of the core symptoms of autism,” says Jim Adams, a professor and autism researcher at Arizona State University. 

The New York Times | June 10, 2019

Now, a team of scientists led by Greg Asner and Robin Martin of Arizona State University, has developed a suite of technologies to overcome these obstacles.  

Phoenix Business Journal | June 07, 2019

“The top 10 world ranking in patents is a reflection of ASU’s vibrant, innovative and entrepreneurial culture with a focus on impacting society,” said Sethuraman Panchanathan, executive vice president of Knowledge Enterprise Development and chief research innovation officer at ASU, in a statement.

New York Post | May 31, 2019

That’s exactly what researchers from Arizona State University and Japan’s Mizuta Memorial Museum uncovered hiding within a big chunk of limestone in the fossil hotspot known as the Green River Formation. 

The Economist | May 30, 2019

The human study, the latest results of which came out a few weeks ago in Scientific Reports, is being conducted by Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown of Arizona State University and her associates. It was prompted by earlier work in which Dr Krajmalnik-Brown and James Adams, a colleague at Arizona State, sequenced the dna of gut bacteria from 20 autistic children to discover which species were present.