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NASA Lunar Rover Missions Are Woefully Overdue

Forbes | February 17, 2019

Arizona State University physicist Paul Davies, a longtime proponent of such an initiative, told me that rovers in conjunction with high-resolution lunar satellites are the best option for such an effort. 

ASU researchers address a primary cause of treatment failure for pancreatic cancer

AZBio | February 12, 2019

Tony Hu, an associate professor at the Biodesign Virginia G. Piper Center for Personalized Diagnostics and at ASU’s School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, mentored the researchers and aided in collaborations with the MD Anderson Cancer Center. 

Exploring The Grand Canyon, Through Maps

Science Friday | February 08, 2019

“It’s almost inconceivable,” says Matthew Toro, director of maps, imagery, and geospatial data for the Arizona State University Libraries. “Even if you’re on the rim, you can’t see the whole thing. The tools that allow us to see the canyon in its entirety are maps.” 

ASU researcher touts carbon capture device to fight climate change

NBC 12 News | February 06, 2019

“In the beginning, people said this is crazy stuff. But then they started to listen,” said Dr. Klaus Lackner, director at ASU’s Center for Negative Carbon Emissions.  

Curiosity Rover Uses Improvised Gravity Sensor To Explore Mystery of Mars Mountain

KJZZ | January 31, 2019

"By comparing the density of the minerals, or the building blocks that make up the rocks in Gale Crater, using the gravity data, we can understand the conditions under which the rocks formed," said co-author Travis Gabriel, a doctoral candidate at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration.  

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