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Scientists are rewriting the history of photosynthesis

Wired | October 22, 2017

Ever since the biologists Kevin Redding, Raimund Fromme and Christopher Gisriel of Arizona State University, in collaboration with their colleagues at Penn State, published the crystallographic structure of that protein complex in a July edition of Science, experts have been unpacking exactly what it means for the evolution of photosynthesis.

Police officers with body cameras are as likely to use force as those who don't have them

The Washington Post | October 20, 2017

Michael D. White, a professor in the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Arizona State University, said early expectations about body worn cameras relied largely on the study of a single, small West Coast police department that at the time was among of a handful of agencies with the program. 

Why U.S. wildfires are bigger, hotter and more frequent

KJZZ | October 20, 2017

Steve Pyne, a fire historian at Arizona State University, said we’ve known for years what to do, but lack an urgent social push — and the political will.

“People are interested in using fires — these recurring tragedies — to advance some other agenda, or to hold it hostage for some other purpose. And we’re not really getting serious about fires," said Pyne.

Here's how to watch this year's impressive Orionid meteor shower

AZ Central | October 19, 2017

"It’s best to just kick back, look up and pay attention to as much of the sky as you can," said Patrick Young, an associate professor at Arizona State University's School of Earth and Space Exploration.

The human cost of heat, and the people who paid it

AZ Central | October 19, 2017

"The particular way the temperatures fell seems to have been relatively favorable for avoiding heat-related deaths," David Hondula, a senior sustainability scientist at Arizona State University, said in an email.

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