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Car vending machine latest addition to Tempe's technology innovation fast track

AZ Family | June 13, 2018

This new addition is part of a much bigger innovation picture in Tempe, thanks to a big player. “ASU has been the most innovative university in the nation for three years running,” said Tempe city Councilwoman Lauren Kuby.

You think it's your friend calling, but it's actually this growing phone scam

CNBC | June 13, 2018

"Phone scams are one of the big problems right now," said Adam Doupe, associate director of the Center for Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics at Arizona State University. "They're much more effective than email scams."

Secrets of the Y chromosome

New York Times | June 12, 2018

“It’s dynamic but stable,” said Melissa Wilson Sayres, who studies sex chromosomes at Arizona State University. “It may lose a gene or two, but it may also gain sequences. It’s not a dead end.”

How ASU is spearheading innovation in the changing world of research technology

Ed Tech Times | June 06, 2018

With the growing presence of new technologies to support research, institutions must balance the need to innovate and scale with the need to adhere to government regulations. Yet accoridng to Seab Dudley, executive director of research technology at Arizona State University, institutions need to be willing "to not just run from risk."

Dust likely behind weird dimming of 'Tabby's Star'

CNET | June 06, 2018

Arizona State University post-doctoral researcher Eva Bodman is part of the collaboration and presented her own findings alongside Yin and Wilcox. She says what can be said for sure is that any dust cloud obscuring the star is extremely complex.

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