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Mysterious cloud over Mars puzzles onlookers, invites conspiracy theories

FOX News | October 26, 2018

The planet does have clouds, but one strange, curious cloud near a massive volcano is puzzling onlookers and even inciting conspiracy theories about what may be hiding below.

The battle for solar energy in the country’s sunniest state

The New Yorker | October 25, 2018

Similarly, Wesley Herche, an energy-security expert at Arizona State University, authored a peer-reviewed report last year that found no correlation between clean-energy generation and higher utility rates in states that have ratcheted up renewable targets.

Life might struggle to evolve around the most common stars in the universe

Discover Magazine | October 24, 2018

“With the Sun, we have a hundred years of good observations,” said lead author Parke Loyd of Arizona State University.

New data tool can help scientists use limited funds to protect the greatest number of endangered species

The Conservation | October 23, 2018

A large majority of Americans strongly support the goal of preventing the extinction of endangered wildlife and plants.

Red dwarf star's mighty 'Hazflare' could be bad news for alien life

Space.com | October 23, 2018

"When I realized the sheer amount of light the superflare emitted, I sat looking at my computer screen for quite some time just thinking, 'Whoa,'" study lead author Parke Loyd, a postdoctoral researcher in the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University, said in a statement.

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