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Asteroid sample-return mission arrives to collect primordial rocks of the solar system

Smithsonian Magazine | December 05, 2018

“For decades, samples were glaringly missing from the study of Mars,” says Lindy Elkins-Tanton, the director of the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University.

Will Mars missions make humans sick? Here's what we know

National Geographic | December 05, 2018

“We better figure out what the microbes are doing in response to the spaceflight environment before you just send humans up there for long-term flight,” says Cheryl Nickerson of Arizona State University.

ASU launches hub for Smart City Innovation

Campus Technology | November 30, 2018

Arizona State University is partnering with Amazon Web Services to create the ASU Smart City Cloud Innovation Center to build smarter communities in the Phoenix area.

How robots and humans can get along

Fast Company | November 30, 2018

Soon, robots and humans will be working side by side in fields ranging from health care to space exploration. Here are five design strategies for making those relationships as fruitful as possible.

Climate change is making soils saltier, forcing many farmers to find new livelihoods

The Conversation | November 30, 2018

Today it would be very expensive and logistically challenging to gather enough salt to render large swaths of land infertile. But that is precisely what climate change is doing in many parts of the world.

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