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San Francisco Bay area land that will be lost to future flooding significantly underestimated, new study says

The Weather Channel | March 09, 2018

Geologists from the University of California, Berkeley and Arizona State University used high-resolution satellite and aircraft data to determine that more land than previously thought is sinking around the Bay Area and could exacerbate flooding issues by 2100, according to the study published Wednesday in Science Advances.

Klaus Lackner didn't set out to save the world, but he thinks his machine could help

The Arizona Republic | March 08, 2018

For two decades — including the last four years at ASU — Lackner has pioneered and promoted a process called direct air capture, which would allow humankind to take back what it has already spewed into the atmosphere.

More of the Bay area could be underwater in 2100 than previously expected

The New York Times | March 07, 2018

The authors of the report — Manoochehr Shirzaei, a professor at Arizona State University and Roland Bürgmann, a professor at University of California, Berkeley — have combined land elevation data with rising sea level projections. And they are now challenging the current flood threat projections as too conservative.

FDA approves first direct-to-consumer test for breast cancer risk

Scientific American | March 07, 2018

For women with Ashkenazi ancestry, the test “is not too bad as a screen,” said Robert Cook-Deegan of Arizona State University, a longtime scholar in the field of genomics ethics and law.

Here's the best way to protect yourself from a norovirus outbreak

LiveScience | March 07, 2018

"When your mother told you to always wash your hands before coming to the dinner table … she was right," study lead author Sherry Towers, a professor at Arizona State University's Simon A. Levin Mathematical, Computational and Modeling Sciences Center, said in a statement.

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