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Allhands: Why 120 degrees in Phoenix is better than -30 degrees in Boston

AZ Central | January 05, 2018

"All things being equal, I’d rather be cooling than heating," says Martin Pasqualetti, a sustainability professor at Arizona State University. "I'd rather live here than there based on energy alone."

Questioning AI: What are the key research challenges? - Science Weekly podcast

The Guardian | January 04, 2018

Joining them both is Arizona State University’s Prof Subbarao Kambhampati, who highlights the need for reasoning as well as recognition in machine learning systems.

ASU researcher to begin testing possible cancer vaccine on pet dogs

AZ Family | January 04, 2018

ASU professor Dr. Stephen Johnston believes one shot could cure both man and canine. He's been working on the concoction for nearly 10 years. 

"We can find the things that make cancer almost look like an infection and vaccinate against those elements to protect, or even sometimes therapeutically treat the cancer," said Johnston.

How climate change can weaken U.S. wind power

KJZZ | January 04, 2018

From a practical standpoint, how big an impact could that have?

To learn more, I’m joined by Martin Pasqualetti. He is a professor of geography at ASU and co-director of the Energy Policy Innovation Council.

Could climate change kill chocolate? There's an even bigger story for Arizona's food supply

AZ Central | January 03, 2018

Big U.S. cities, from Los Angeles to El Paso, depend on Arizona for food and livestock, and a 2017 Arizona State University study found the effects of climate change could have significant negative impacts on Arizona's agricultural offerings.

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