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Indexing is still on top, but active management can play a role, too

CNBC | September 05, 2017

 A recent study by Hendrik Bessembinder, a professor in Arizona State University's business school, found that since 1926, the entire net gain of the U.S. stock market can be attributed to just 4 percent of companies. 

ASU professor's new project explores lives of African-Americans during WWII

KJZZ | September 05, 2017

ASU history professor Matt Delmont recently completed his yearlong project, "Black Quotidian: Everyday History in African-American Newspapers" and that led him to another project about the lives of African-Americans during World War II.

North Korean missile? How concerned should we be? Local expert breaks it down

Channel 12 News | September 04, 2017

"In many ways, what's going on in North Korea, is not that different than what's been going on for several decades," said Daniel Rothenberg, an ASU Professor and Co-Director of the ASU Center on the Future of War. 

Neandertals and early modern humans probably didn't meet at rumored rendezvous site

Science Magazine | September 04, 2017

Geoffrey Clark, an anthropologist at Arizona State University in Tempe, says the new technique is a big improvement over standard bone collagen dating, and he is looking forward to seeing it applied to previously dated Neandertal remains from other sites. "Whether they will get the same results isn’t known yet, but it looks promising," he says.

How artificial intelligence, robotics could transform jobs in 10 years

AZ Central | September 04, 2017

In addition to engineers who will be needed to design these machines and technicians to maintain and program them, others eventually will work side by side with robots, said Heni Ben Amor, an assistant engineering professor at Arizona State University.

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