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A Groundbreaking Global Alliance Forms to Find Effective Response to the Deadliest Human Brain Tumor

International Business Times | November 12, 2015

ASU Professor Anna Barker is leading a group of experts working to find effective therapies for Glioblastoma multiforme (GMB), the most common adult brain tumor in the world. This tumor is highly aggressive with a five-year survival rate of less than one percent.

ASU researchers find women are taken less seriously when they show anger

New York Magazine | October 13, 2015

When women express anger during group deliberation, it ends up undermining their argument, and people are less likely to be influenced by their opinion. For men, on the other hand, the opposite is true.

Arizona State University in short list of universities with multiple Nobel Prize-winning economists

ABC News | October 12, 2015

ASU joins the likes of Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom as one of only 14 institutions with multiple Nobel laureates in economics.

Why elephants rarely get cancer

Nature | October 08, 2015

Carlo Maley, an evolutionary biologist at Arizona State University, discovered that African elephants have multiple copies of p53, a gene that appears to be involved in tumor suppression. Almost all other species — including humans — have only one.

NASA selects five potential planetary missions for development

Washington Post | September 30, 2015

Psyche, led by Linda Elkins-Tanton of ASU, would study an asteroid of the same name. The asteroid Psyche is one of the biggest objects in the asteroid belt, and it's thought to be the remains of a protoplanet that was stripped of its outer layers by a violent collision.

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