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Paleo-diet debates evolve into something bigger

The Washington Post | March 07, 2016

The article on the paleo-diet debate quotes Arizona State University researcher Anne Stone, who along with her colleagues, found that human beings have genetically adapted to digesting starch as a response to farming.

Have a weasel in your bracket? Fans go mad for mammals

The Wall Street Journal | March 07, 2016

The winner of each Mammal March Madness bout is determined by a combination of science and probability, said Katie Hinde, the anthropologist and Arizona State University associate professor who founded the tournament. Dr. Hinde and three fellow scientists analyze and rank 65 animals based on traits like size, body mass and temperament.

The power of humility

Today Online | March 07, 2016

Are humble CEOs successful leaders? This op-ed is based on an Arizona State University research study that has found a significant and positive correlation between a company's performance and CEO humility.

More street gangs turn to financial crimes

The Wall Street Journal | March 07, 2016

“It’s certainly something that street gangs have historically not been involved in,” said Scott Decker, a professor who studies gang behavior at Arizona State University.

What if we had a Secretary of the Future?

Marketplace | March 01, 2016

Marketplace host David Brancaccio wondered what it would be like to have a Secretary of the Future in the United States Cabinet. Brian David Johnson, ASU's futurist-in-residence, offers a perspective.

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