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The Wall Street Journal | March 27, 2016

A study, co-authored by Arizona State University research Matthew Wiswall, discovered that college students, when presented with information regarding salaries for different fields, may gravitate toward majors that promise higher earnings.

PBS Newshour | March 26, 2016

Arizona State University researcher Lisa Gunter has found that dogs labeled pitbulls are three times more likely to stay in shelters and face greater rates of euthanasia. The findings of the study are especially relevant as nearly 50 percent of the dogs labeled pitbulls in shelters are lookalikes.

Wired | March 23, 2016

Arizona State University scientist Leah Gerber has found that resources devoted to protecting species are unequally distributed. Only 12 percent of the endangered species listed on the U.S. government lists received the funding they require or requested.

The Arizona Republic | March 22, 2016

Arizona State University scientist John Sabo is leading the five-year ASU initiative on water called FutureH2O to flip the global conversation regarding water on its head, focusing on the abundance rather than scarcity of the resource. In this piece, he expands on the ideas to do so.

Univision | March 22, 2016

Arizona State University professor Carlos Castillo-Chavez recently visited Cuba as part of a science diplomacy delegation and elaborates on what the visit may mean for U.S.-Cuba relations.