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International Business Times | March 09, 2016

The partnership between Mayo Clinic and Arizona State University to open the Mayo Medical School in 2017 is one of the many innovative efforts in the realm of oncology in the Phoenix metro area.

The International New York Times | March 08, 2016

A three-day training workshop on energy policy and leadership, organized by Arizona State University as part of the US-Pakistan Centres for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E), concluded on Thursday.

Smithsonian Magazine | March 08, 2016

In this examintation of why returning an altered ecosystem to its original state maybe ineffective or harmful, Arizona State University researcher Adam Lampert offers the example of Invasive Spartina Project. The project sought the removal of the invasive grass species called cordgrass but was ultimately put on hold after scientists realized that the federally endangered shorebird California clapper rail had started nesting in it.

Education Dive | March 08, 2016

“If you think the great colleges and universities of the past will be the only great colleges and universities of the future, then you’ve forgotten everything you knew about evolution,” said Arizona State University President Michael Crow.

The Washington Post | March 07, 2016

The article on the paleo-diet debate quotes Arizona State University researcher Anne Stone, who along with her colleagues, found that human beings have genetically adapted to digesting starch as a response to farming.