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ASU, Mayo Clinic launch post-cancer fatigue study

Tucson News Now | March 12, 2016

Researchers from ASU and Mayo Clinic are exploring ways to improve the fatigue many women experience after fighting and surviving breast cancer.


Marine Corps of the future: Smaller deployed units, more high tech

Marine Corps Times | March 11, 2016

A conference organized by the New America Foundation and Arizona State University in Washington D.C. focused on the evolving role and structure of the Marine Corps as it relates to handling future threats.


New species of bacteria eats plastic

The Wall Street Journal | March 10, 2016

Rolf Halden, a professor and director of the Center for Environmental Security at Arizona State University, said a more likely application for the bacteria would be in reducing industrial waste during plastics manufacturing. He also suggested it would be difficult to apply the microbes to the large percentage of plastics now scattered throughout the environment.


The Economist | March 10, 2016

In Korea, a showdown between a computer program and a professional player of the ancient game Go is a significant achievement. Arizona State University artificial intelligence researcher Miles Brundage said that even the best Go players struggle to describe their winning strategies.

Americans' home wealth recovers $7 trillion as prices firm

Bloomberg Business | March 10, 2016

“People are living with it, and waiting for things to get better,” said Michael Orr, real estate professor at Arizona State University in Tempe. “The market is back to stable. It was the peak that was abnormal.”

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