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Researchers to study normally secret juvenile court records

The Associated Press | March 14, 2016

Arizona's court system is allowing a Washington-based research nonprofit to examine data from normally confidential court records to examine ethnic and racial disparities in juvenile court proceedings. The research will build upon a study conducted and completed by Arizona State University researchers in 2014.

NASA selects scientists for Mars Rover research projects

NASA | March 14, 2016

Arizona State University scientist Craig Hardgrove is one of the seven new selected participating scientists in the Mars Curiosity Rover mission.

U.S. needs Robin Hood approach to saving endangered species, researcher argues

Science Magazine | March 14, 2016

“As conservation scientists, the existing paradigm is we should save everything,” says Leah Gerber, an ecologist at Arizona State University, Tempe. But with humans drastically affecting the planet’s biodiversity, she says “we really do have to make choices.”

The key to getting workers to stop wasting time online

The Wall Street Journal | March 13, 2016

Cyberloafing, i.e., spending time browsing Facebook and watching cat videos, costs U.S. businesses nearly $85 billion in lost time. Arizona State University researcher Jeremy Glassman and his colleagues have designed a software to prevent it.

End of blood tests in sight for diabetes as Tekcapital acquires patent for breakthrough glucose testing technology

The Telegraph | March 13, 2016

A new, ground-breaking technology from Arizona State University measures glucose levels by using disposable biosensor strips to test a sample of saliva from human and animals.

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