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How armbands can translate sign language

MIT Technology Review | February 17, 2016

Arizona State University researchers and students are helping translate American Sign Language gestures into text on a screen with the help of a project called Sceptre. The project uses armbands on a user to help the software learn sign language and translate it into text.

Cancer research moves to the cloud to improve patient care

The Boston Globe | February 17, 2016

Anna Barker, an Arizona State University scientist who helped develop the Cancer Genome Atlas during her tenure at the National Institutes of Health's National Cancer Institute, said that having access to the atlas that contains relevant data pertaining to cancers in nearly 11,000 patients will further advance research in the direction of a cancer "moonshot."

Employers are quietly using big data to track employee pregnancies

Fortune Magazine | February 17, 2016

Arizona State University law professor James Hodge said that employers using health care analytics companies to track employees' pregnancies may penalize unsuspecting employees, focusing on an example of analytics that might be used for decision-making.


Are antibacterial soaps safe?

The Wall Street Journal | February 15, 2016

This Wall Street Journal article that covers the debate on the safety and effectiveness of antibacterial soaps checks in with Arizona State University Biodesign Center for Environmental Security Director Rolf Halden regarding the impact of the ingredients in such products.

Halden, who studies the impact of mass-produced chemicals on human health and environment, said that while antibacterial soaps play a vital role in "hospitals and health-care settings, but they do not belong in all households, our food supply and our bodies at all times.”


When Einstein was wrong

The New York Times | February 12, 2016

The discovery of direct evidence of gravitational waves validated one of Albert Einstein's far-reaching theories. However, in this New York Times article, Arizona State University theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss discusses Einstein's four notable errors.

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