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CBC | March 06, 2020

The same heat wave affected vast stretches of other reefs in the Pacific Ocean. Greg Asner of Arizona State University’s Center for Global Discovery and Conservation Science has seen it from his airborne lab over Hawaii — in a plane that can produce 3D images of coral reefs below the waves.

FOX 10 Phoenix | March 03, 2020

Professors at Arizona State University who've been studying major weather events for decades are now opening up about their findings, and according to engineers, this research is filling a forecasting void.

Arizona Business Magazine | February 25, 2020

Devin Bowes, a nutritional epidemiologist at Arizona State University’s Biodesign Institute, is dedicated to helping the public understand ways they can improve their health through food choices. Bowes studies what we put in our bodies and how dietary behaviors can lead to chronic disease. She is passionate about food policy and sustainability.

BBC | February 24, 2020

“You need to think from the beginning of how you’re going to put these teams together, and give the robot [or] AI the job that the robot or AI does best and that the human doesn’t want to do, or that’s too boring or dangerous for the human,” says Nancy Cooke, a professor of cognitive science and director of Arizona State University’s Center for Human, Artificial Intelligence, and Robot Teaming. | February 24, 2020

Klaus Lackner, director of Arizona State University’s Center for Negative Carbon Emissions, designed the technology that allows the captured gas to be sequestered or sold for re-use in a variety of applications, such as synthetic fuels, enhanced oil recovery or in food, beverage and agriculture industries.