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How Gila monsters can help fight diabetes

KPHO/KTVK | April 22, 2016

ASU researcher Melissa Wilson Sayres is crowdfunding her research project to map the Gila monster genome. According to Wilson Sayres, there are unknown benefits to finding out the genome of the desert-dwelling reptiles.

What are pulsars?

Space.com | April 21, 2016

From the article: The only object with a higher density than a neutron star is a black hole, which also forms when a dying star collapses. The most massive neutron star ever measured is 2.04 times the mass of the sun. Scientists don't know exactly how massive neutron stars can get before they become black holes, according Feryal Özel, a professor of astronomy and astrophysics at Arizona State University, who specializes in compact objects and extreme states of matter in the universe. 

Climate deal to be signed amid 'faster' global progress, Moniz says

The Christian Science Monitor | April 20, 2016

The United States Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, speaking at an Arizona State University-sponsored event in Washington, D.C., said that the pace of reducing the country's carbon intensity will have to be doubled to reach its 2025 emissions goals under the historic Paris global climate deal.

Arizona State University expands a program to train those working in Indian Country on finance and economic development

The Associated Press | April 20, 2016

Arizona State University has formalized a partnership with the Native American Finance Officers Association to train people on tribal governance and finance.


ASU, GSV and Tim Draper join forces for higher-ed accelerator

EdSurge | April 20, 2016

Arizona State University and Silicon Valley venture firms Global Silicon Valley and Draper Associates are joining forces to launch a new edtech accelerator to innovate and launch ideas from companies in the edtech space.

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