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AZBio | January 18, 2019

Such a design is just what Thomas Sugar, a professor at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic School, and Kenton Kaufman, a professor of biomedical engineering at Mayo Clinic, have proposed.

New Scientist | January 17, 2019

“This work has some very interesting implications for the cause of this uptick in the cratering rate,” says Meenakshi Wadhwa at Arizona State University. It could indicate that one or more large asteroids in the asteroid belt broke up around that time, sending a rain of shrapnel towards the inner solar system, she says. 

NBC News | January 15, 2019

Paul Davies, a physicist at Arizona State University and author of several popular science books, argues that messages from E.T. might even be floating around in the junk DNA of terrestrial organisms and that we should start searching decoded genomes for the biotech equivalent of a message in a bottle.  

The Conversation | January 10, 2019

 ASU Professor of Psychology Arthur Glenberg's research focuses on developing a simulation theory, testing it, and using it to create reading comprehension interventions for young children.  

Fast Company | January 07, 2019

The free, open-source software, designed by a team of scientists from MIT and Arizona State University, lets anyone create 2D nanostructures using DNA strands.