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Nearly One-Third of Americans Sleep Fewer Than Six Hours Per Night

Smithsonian.com | December 26, 2018

Lead study author Connor Sheehan, a demographer at Arizona State University, tells ASU Now that theories regarding the rise in short sleep may stem from increased stress levels and an uptick in smartphone usage before bedtime. 

How the Oumuamua mystery shook up the search for space aliens

NBC News | December 25, 2018

Paul Davies at Arizona State University has enlisted students to comb through archival images of the lunar surface to see if they can find evidence of any alien “technosignatures.”

Listening to nature: How sound can help us understand environmental change

The Conversation | December 21, 2018

Garth Paine co-director of ASU’s Acoustic Ecology Lab uses sound to advance environmental awareness and stewardship, and provide critical tools for deeper consideration of sound in nature preserves, urban and industrial design. 

Honey bees’ importance to the environment and businesses

Tony Thai | December 20, 2018

Chelsea Cook, a postdoctoral researcher at ASU’s Honey Bee Research Lab on the Polytechnic campus, believes honeybees are worth billions of dollars.

Single doesn’t mean being lonely or alone

The Conversation | December 20, 2018

Associate Professor of Philosophy Elizabeth Brake is breaking the stereotype that single means being alone through her research on ethics and politics of the family.  

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