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Did humans develop better technologies without knowing why they worked?

The Boston Globe | April 01, 2019

The study also involved researchers from Arizona State University and CNRS, the French science agency.

ASU Gets $50 Million Gift for Research Into Dementia

U.S. News & World Report | March 25, 2019

"This is a tremendous $50 million investment in a really important area where we can be of greater service to the public," ASU President Michael Crow told The Arizona Republic. "This is going to allow us to jump to a world-class player."

Psyche: Metal world mission targets 'iron volcanoes'

BBC | March 18, 2019

"One of the things that happens when metal freezes is that it loses about 7% of its volume. So we have a crust that's solid and the inside is continuing to solidify, but it's losing its volume as it solidifies," said Prof Elkins-Tanton, from Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe.

What Would a Dog Do on Mars?

Atlantic Media Company | March 18, 2019

It would be far worse for a passenger who couldn’t comprehend what was going on, says Clive Wynne, a psychology professor at Arizona State University who studies canine behavior, and the author of the forthcoming book Dog Is Love: Why and How Your Dog Loves You.

How to see last supermoon of 2019, the 'worm moon'

AZCentral | March 18, 2019

Special viewing equipment isn't needed, said Aaron Boyd, a moon expert and research analyst at Arizona State University who works on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera.

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