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Arizona State University cracks top 10 in international patent rankings

Phoenix Business Journal | June 07, 2019

“The top 10 world ranking in patents is a reflection of ASU’s vibrant, innovative and entrepreneurial culture with a focus on impacting society,” said Sethuraman Panchanathan, executive vice president of Knowledge Enterprise Development and chief research innovation officer at ASU, in a statement.

Fossil reveals school of fish from 50 million years ago

New York Post | May 31, 2019

That’s exactly what researchers from Arizona State University and Japan’s Mizuta Memorial Museum uncovered hiding within a big chunk of limestone in the fossil hotspot known as the Green River Formation. 

More evidence that autism is linked to gut bacteria

The Economist | May 30, 2019

The human study, the latest results of which came out a few weeks ago in Scientific Reports, is being conducted by Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown of Arizona State University and her associates. It was prompted by earlier work in which Dr Krajmalnik-Brown and James Adams, a colleague at Arizona State, sequenced the dna of gut bacteria from 20 autistic children to discover which species were present.  

This nanoscience researcher is building DNA origami to fight cancerous tumors

Fast Company | May 22, 2019

Yes, but it needs to be really, really tiny, which is why Hao Yan and researchers at ASU and China’s National Center for Nanoscience and Technology are building nanobots that are one-thousandth the width of a strand of hair. 

ASU professor says water can help control Type 2 diabetes

azpbs.org | May 22, 2019

Besides treating type 2 diabetes with medicine, exercise and diet, there’s another prescription that can help … proper hydration. Stavros Kavouras, director of the Hydration Science Lab at Arizona State University, has done research that shows people with the disease can control their glucose levels better when they are properly hydrated. He talks to Ted Simons about his studies.

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