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Space Daily | January 11, 2022

Europa Clipper, a NASA mission to investigate Jupiter's moon Europa, is planned to launch in October 2024 and arrive at Jupiter in 2030. ASU scientists and engineers are building the Europa Thermal Emission Imaging System (E-THEMIS) for the mission, which will help scientists understand Europa's geologic activity.

GeekWire | January 06, 2022

Amazon has announced a pilot program with Arizona State University using its new Amazon Sidewalk Bridge Pro. This device will help free up ASU's Wi-Fi for high-bandwidth activities like remote learning, video conferencing, online research, or streaming. 

BBC | January 06, 2022

Can awe-inspiring experiences create an "earthquake" in your mind? Michelle Shiota, a professor of social psychology at Arizona State University, US, explains that feelings of awe can alter self-perception and even affect how the brain processes information.

KJZZ | January 06, 2022

A team of researchers went to work nearly a year ago in the hope of learning why the Oxford-AstraZeneca or Johnson & Johnson vaccines had negative reactions that resulted in life-threatening blood clots. One of the researchers, Abhishek Singharoy, an assistant professor in the School of Molecular Sciences at ASU, discusses how the research group tackled the challenge.

KJZZ | January 05, 2022

Corsi-Rosenthal cubes — made of air filters, tape and a big box fan — could be a necessary layer of protection for Arizona schools as we start the 2022 semester. An ASU global health professor spent her holiday break building these cubes with her children.