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Can carbon-dioxide removal save the world?

The New Yorker | November 13, 2017

Most of these owe their origins to the ideas of a physicist named Klaus Lackner, who now works at Arizona State University, in Tempe, so on my way home from British Columbia I took a detour to visit him. 

Tempe evolves into a hotbed for the space industry

AZ Big Media | November 13, 2017

Typically, NASA contracts to large aerospace companies, like Lockheed-Martin and Boeing, says Jim Bell, professor at Arizona State University School of Earth Space Exploration.

“What we’re seeing now is that NASA is taking more of a calculated risk in investing in smaller companies, newer companies, more nimble companies,” Bell says.

A zombie gene protects elephants from cancer

Wired | November 12, 2017

In 2015, Joshua Schiffman at the University of Utah School of Medicine and Carlo Maley at Arizona State University headed a team of researchers who showed that the elephant genome has about 20 extra duplicates of p53, a canonical tumor suppressor gene.

Experts discuss climate change

KTAR | November 10, 2017

A group of experts at Arizona State University discussed how climate change is reshaping the energy industry, military, government and economy at a panel discussion on Thursday.

Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Norman Seip was among the panelists at the ASU Global Security Initiative event. 

International students training at Sky Harbor information counters

ABC 15 | November 09, 2017

"My customers ask me about flight information or luggage problems," said Riku Nishida, who attends J.F. Oberlin University in Japan, which partners with ASU's Global Launch program focused on travel and hospitality. Nishida and fellow student Ririka Fujita both hope to become flight attendants at major airlines. 

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