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ASU students unveil pod in second try at SpaceX Hyperloop challenge

Phoenix Business Journal | July 11, 2018

ASU team members believe they have an advantage in the contest because they are one of the only teams that has a 150-foot, open-air test track and a 25-foot vacuum chamber — a replica of the SpaceX version — at the ASU Polytechnic campus in Mesa, said Joshua Bowen, the AZLoop team president.

Do voice assistant devices have a place in the classroom?

EdSurge | July 11, 2018

Last year, Amazon gifted Arizona State University 1,600 Echo Dots to engineering students living in a new dorm. 

To find life on Mars, we'll need new orbiters

Popular Science | July 10, 2018

“With something like MRO, we can’t see anything smaller than the rovers on the surface really with the resolution of the cameras we have,” says Tanya Harrison, the director of research at Arizona State University’s NewSpace Initiative.

The hidden danger in your car that could be fatal during a heatwave

Daily Express | July 10, 2018

Professor Nancy Selover, a climatologist at Arizona State University (ASU), said: “Our study not only quantifies temperature differences inside vehicles parked in the shade and the sun, but it also makes clear that even parking a vehicle in the shade can be lethal to a small child.”

Left your bottled water in a hot car? Drink it with caution

Today.com | July 09, 2018

Another study, conducted in 2007 by Arizona State University researchers, found summertime temperatures inside cars, garages and enclosed storage areas “could promote antimony leaching from PET bottled waters.”

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