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How ASU is spearheading innovation in the changing world of research technology

Ed Tech TimesJune 06, 2018

With the growing presence of new technologies to support research, institutions must balance the need to innovate and scale with the need to adhere to government regulations. Yet accoridng to Seab Dudley, executive director of research technology at Arizona State University, institutions need to be willing "to not just run from risk."

Humanity's ability to spread cancer is far more widespread than we thought

InverseMay 25, 2018

Cancer rate has been found in all species where scientists have looked for it and human activities are known to strongly influence cancer rate in humans," Mathieu Giraudeau, Ph.D., also a ASU postdoctoral researcher, said in the statement. "So this human impact on wild environments might strongly influence the prevalence of cancer in wild populations, with additional consequences on ecosystem functioning."

Connecting cybersecurity experts across government and industry

The Washington PostMay 22, 2018

Winterton is the director of strategy for Arizona State University's Global Security Initiative. In this role, she helps steer the university's cybersecurity research strategy and drives partnerships with government and industry. Winterton has provided expert testimony to the U.S. Senate on the impact of large data breaches. 

The exact age when puppies are the cutest to humans

NBC TodayMay 18, 2018

Lead researcher Clive Wynne, professor of psychology and director of Arizona State University's Canine Science Collaboratory, thought there might be a link between puppies' weaning age and their level of attractiveness to humans. 

The food you buy is really shrinking

BBCMay 15, 2018

A study of US breakfast cereals over a three-year period by researchers at Arizona State University and Cornell University in New York found 15 products suffered a reduction in packet size, and in the majority this resulted in an increase in the relative cost for each ounce (28g) of cereal.

Arizona is poised to capitalize on growing microelectronic industry

AZ Big MediaMay 10, 2018

The strategy for Arizona’s microelectronics companies is to take advantage of the emerging Internet of Things industries and rising talent from engineering graduates from Arizona State University and other colleges in the Valley, said Chris Camacho, president and CEO at Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

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