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Our journey begins in Sun Devil Stadium, which has hosted Arizona State University football games since 1958. OKED videographer and avid runner Alexander D. Chapin straps on a jetpack designed by an ASU student working with DARPA.

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Next we race over to the Biodesign Institute, slowing down to look at some of the laboratories housed there. Researchers in the Biodesign Institute address global challenges in healthcare, sustainability and security by developing solutions inspired by natural systems.

Video: The Biodesign Institute

On the other side of campus, we speed alongside the Music Building, home to a hand-carved, 1,800-pipe Fritts Organ. The School of Music is part of ASU’s Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, the largest comprehensive design and arts school in the nation.

Video: Musical anatomy: the organ

Our runner careens through a forest of solar panels on the ASU Tempe campus. ASU generates more than 24 megawatts of solar electricity on its four campuses, more than any other university in the country.

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The Interdisciplinary Science and Technology 2 (ISTB 2) building is just one location where faculty and students in the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering are developing materials and technologies that can improve our lives.

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Now our runner leaves campus and explores the local community. ASU faculty and students work closely with local cities to help them develop in ways that are sustainable for our environment, our health and our economy.

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Back at ASU, Palm Walk cuts through the center of the Tempe Campus. Here you’ll see students from all over the world walking to class at one of the most innovative schools in the country, according to U.S. News & World Report.

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Scientists in the School of Earth and Space Exploration have been involved in missions to study distant galaxies, comets, asteroids and every planet in our solar system—including our own. The Interdisciplinary Science and Technology 4 (ISTB 4) building offers a public “Gallery of Scientific Exploration” with interactive exhibits and a life-sized replica of the Mars rover Curiosity.

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We land at ASU SkySong, where researchers and scholars can turn their ideas and inventions into viable companies. This mixed-use development is home to a variety of entrepreneurship, technology transfer and economic development programs designed to take innovation from the lab into the marketplace.

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