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Dance credits

We would like to thank the faculty and students from ASU's School of Film, Dance and Theatre who helped us create this video.

Lighting Design: Carolyn Koch
Artistic Direction: Jessica Rajko

Title: Excerpts from original works by Stilo Dance Company (Maroon piece)

Choreography: David Olarte, in collaboration with Taimy Miranda and Joan Rodriguez
Dancers: Taimy Miranda, David Olarte, Carla Leon, Joan Rodriguez
Music: Journey into Outland
Costume: Marlis

Title: That's what it's actually called, that's the name of it (White piece)

Choreography: Halley Willcox
Dancers: Isaac Borrayo, Lawrence Fung, Sharon McCaman, Michelle Migliaccio, Genna Oppasser, Halley Willcox
Music: Austen Mack
Costume: Halley Willcox

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