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Water forum: Reuse

By using recycled water, Intel Corporation will save 4.5 million gallons of water a day in their new AZ facility. Todd Brady explains how at a water forum hosted by ASU.

Students play matchmaker to promote water reuse

ASU students help Intel and CH2M HILL develop a database that connects grey water producers and users in Arizona.

The worth of water

In this mini-documentary, ASU researchers talk about the West's water history, our current situation, and some social and technological options for the future.

What are you drinking?

Researchers work to identify the health effects of both man-made and natural water contaminants on humans and the environment.

From wastewater to renewable energy

A team of ASU grad students is working with the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation to clean up the environment while creating clean, renewable energy.

The desert Southwest: Oasis or mirage?

In the face of a changing environment, citizens of the American Southwest must reevaluate how to use one of our most precious resources.

Student's work destined for the deep

ASU undergraduate Colin Ho is helping to design a miniature submarine that will be used to explore sub-glacial lakes in Antarctica.

Creating profit from waste

Biodesign researchers strive for sustainable lifestyle with clean, efficient wastewater treatment.

Capturing change (2)

What does water mean to the people who live in Phoenix? Edgar Cardenas explores this question through photos as part of the Phoenix Transect project.

Wise decisions are crucial when uncertainty is fluid

How do we decide what kinds of water conservation measures to implement when we don't know what future precipitation, temperatures, or population will be? Craig Kirkwood helps people make decisions when conditions are uncertain.