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Robot scouts rooms people can’t enter

Arizona State University students are developing a robotic room-mapping system for Sandia National Laboratories.

Students play matchmaker to promote water reuse

ASU students help Intel and CH2M HILL develop a database that connects grey water producers and users in Arizona.

Undergraduates blaze path for research in ASU’s newest facility

Undergraduate student Bethany Smith is helping to develop nanoscale batteries in a new lab in ISTB 4.

Student innovation on display

ASU students are finding creative ways to solve global challenges, from poor communities in Mexico to education reform here in the U.S.

New tool could prevent SIDS

ASU student Peter Seymour adapted a guitar sensor to detect an infant's heartbeat. The technology could potentially be used to prevent sudden infant death syndrome.

Student dives into digital literary publishing

An ASU undergrad's blog investigates the digital evolution of literary presses.

Student contributes to cancer detection

Undergraduate Paul Akhenblit tests protein molecules in an effort to improve cancer diagnosis--perhaps even before symptoms arise.

Dollars for diseases: Where do they come from?

Finding funding to research some diseases can be more difficult than for others. An ASU grad looked at which diseases received favorable attention and why.

Plane soars with solar power

A team of engineering students has created an unmanned aerial vehicle powered by the sun.

Student's work destined for the deep

ASU undergraduate Colin Ho is helping to design a miniature submarine that will be used to explore sub-glacial lakes in Antarctica.