If you haven’t heard, there’s been some changes at Twitter lately. The speed and magnitude of these changes has raised questions about the stability of social media platforms overall. Here, ASU experts weigh in on content moderation, free speech and misinformation in social media spaces.
Sophia Balasubramanian
January 04, 2023
A seismic shift in advanced technology is on the way. The Quantum Collaborative is Arizona State University’s answer to this upheaval, uniting quantum technology research efforts and developing a prepared workforce.
Pete Zrioka
November 01, 2022
From engineers inventing new materials to sociologists analyzing political discourse on Twitter, researchers at ASU can accelerate their work with the new Sol supercomputer.
Pete Zrioka
May 23, 2022
ASU researchers are developing interactive virtual lessons to bring biotechnology to diverse classrooms around Arizona.
Mikala Kass
April 21, 2022
Exploring the solar system and beyond will require robots to assist humans — and go where we cannot. Researchers at a new ASU testbed are helping people, robots and artificial intelligence collaborate more safely and effectively.
Lori K. Baker; videos by Alexander D. Chapin, Jason Drees and Shreyas Krishna Raja
April 18, 2022