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Study helps I-10 keep on truckin'

A tri-university research project plans for the future of Interstate-10 with efficiency, safety and sustainability in mind.

The long road ahead: Improving transportation infrastructure

Through new materials and smart sensors, researchers at ASU are paving the way to better transportation infrastructure that lasts longer, costs less and protects the environment as well as human safety.

Transit-oriented development helps cities ease off the gas

The way we design and build our cities can help drive people’s transportation choices. ASU researchers are helping local cities promote sustainable transit.

Sustainable bioreactor

For a long-term energy solution, we need to mimic nature. ASU scientists have developed a bioreactor that uses photosynthesis to grow cyanobacteria for biofuel.

Boogüd: Bamboo bicycles

In many parts of the world, rough terrain limits the mobility of people in wheelchairs. ASU students created an innovative hand-cycle to solve this problem as part of a class project.

The Bus Project: Teresa Miró

Artist Teresa Miró tells the stories of people who ride the Phoenix bus system through words and illustrations.

Algae Biomass Summit 2011

Algae as a renewable fuel? Scientists, industry and policy-makers met Minneapolis to discuss ways to make it happen.

Plane soars with solar power

A team of engineering students has created an unmanned aerial vehicle powered by the sun.

Engineering transportation

ASU researchers are working on improving the Valley's transportation infrastructure using integrated model systems.

Algae energy

ASU scientists are working to make cost-effective, renewable fuel from algae.