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Cleaning up with research

Student Zach Hamilton started an eco-friendly power-washing business with help from ASU entrepreneurship programs.

Converting sunlight into electricity

ASU graduate students and researchers are creating organic solar cells to make electricity using sunlight.

Capturing change (2)

What does water mean to the people who live in Phoenix? Edgar Cardenas explores this question through photos as part of the Phoenix Transect project.

Green fuel

ASU researchers are optimizing tiny, photosynthetic bacteria to produce a sustainable, high-yield fuel that can be used in conventional engines.

Cyanobacteria for solar fuel

ASU researchers are developing optimized versions of cyanobacteria to produce biofuel.

Algae energy

ASU scientists are working to make cost-effective, renewable fuel from algae.

Sustainable skin care

An ASU student creates skin care products using natural ingredients and biodegradable packaging.

Wise decisions are crucial when uncertainty is fluid

How do we decide what kinds of water conservation measures to implement when we don't know what future precipitation, temperatures, or population will be? Craig Kirkwood helps people make decisions when conditions are uncertain.

Too hot to handle

Phoenix in the summer is hot all around. But low-income neighborhoods are even hotter than wealthy enclaves. How can this be?

Fuels of green

Where some people see slime, Milt Sommerfeld and his colleagues see fuel and food. They believe algae can provide solutions to some of the trickiest environmental problems looming right in front of us.