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Discovery Cafe: Food environment/food choice

Nutrition professor Christopher Wharton discusses the health and environmental effects of our food choices at OKED's inaugural Discovery Cafe.

The desert Southwest: Oasis or mirage?

In the face of a changing environment, citizens of the American Southwest must reevaluate how to use one of our most precious resources.

Powered by poo

A team of engineering students have found a way to make use of dog poo while saving money and benefiting the environment.

Cultivating the food desert

Phoenix may be located in the desert, but certain areas are also considered food deserts. Without access to grocery stores, residents must find alternative ways to get affordable and nutritious foods.

Algae Biomass Summit 2011

Algae as a renewable fuel? Scientists, industry and policy-makers met Minneapolis to discuss ways to make it happen.

AZ = Algae (AzCATI)

This video highlights AzCATI facilities and services and shows how the center is expanding to provide even greater capabilities.

Engineering transportation

ASU researchers are working on improving the Valley's transportation infrastructure using integrated model systems.

Global Resolve seeks solutions

Sustainable technologies. Clean water. Affordable housing. These are some of the areas that Global Resolve addresses in the developing world.

The state of solar

Arizona has more sunny days per year than any other state in the U.S. so why isn't the state completely powered by solar electricity?

Creating profit from waste

Biodesign researchers strive for sustainable lifestyle with clean, efficient wastewater treatment.