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Contami-Nation! A history of pollution and clean-up

The rise of industrial-scale chemical compounds has helped increase our quality of life, but it has also contributed to pollution and contamination of our air and water.

Writing the story of a sustainable future

At ASU, students, researchers and well-known science fiction authors are working together to create inspiring narratives that will spark progress toward a better, more sustainable future.

The flip side of food

Humans produce an unprecedented amount of waste. Finding ways to reduce it takes some creative thinking.

Room to grow: Agriculture in urban spaces

How do we feed our cities in a sustainable way? ASU researchers find creative ways to eke out edibles in an urban environment.

Human-nature relationship: “It’s complicated”

As humans impact the environment, the environment impacts us, in turn. ASU researcher Michael Barton studies this complex relationship.

eEcosphere app helps people live more sustainably

When it comes to solving a big problem like climate change, where do you start? ASU researchers have created eEcosphere, a sustainability-focused social media application and service.

Curbing urban sprawl

Phoenix is dominated by its suburban sprawl, but this model is unsustainable over the long term. ASU researchers have found that sprawl retrofitting can be a solution.

Sustaining our cities

The challenges of population growth, climate change and other changing conditions present a need for cities to explore sustainability options. But what does sustainability mean, and how do we measure it?

Students clean wastewater with bacteria

A team of students has developed technology that uses bacteria to clean wastewater. In the process, it produces hydrogen gas, a renewable energy resource.

Changing climate in your own backyard

We've all heard of global climate change, but Ben Ruddell looks at climate on a much smaller level. He studies microclimates, which can range in size from a garden or yard to a park or neighborhood.