ASU researcher helps identify emerging technologies with transformative potential for World Economic Forum
Jason Franz
June 29, 2023
ASU and NOAA co-hosted an exercise to evaluate how new instruments and satellite systems will help Phoenix build a more resilient future.
Pete Zrioka
June 21, 2023
Prairie dogs are a critical component of their ecosystem, and protecting them from disease while preserving their delicate habitat can be a complicated task without technology that can help. That’s why the Arizona Game and Fish Department reached out to ASU researchers for help to achieve their goal.
Sophia Balasubramanian
June 16, 2023
Behind the scenes at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, meet four individuals whose early introduction to ocean science inspired careers dedicated to creating a sea change.
Lori K. Baker
April 19, 2023
Vast, complex and partially unexplored, the oceans form the world’s largest biome — and hold the power to shape our global future. ASU’s ocean researchers are finding solutions for healthier, more sustainable relationships with our oceans that support a thriving planet and prosperous communities.
Mikala Kass
April 18, 2023