Social sciences
Built in a lake basin, Mexico City experiences destructive flooding, but also struggles with access to clean water. ASU researchers are studying the complex choreography of natural environment, physical infrastructure and human decision-making that contribute to both.
Diane Boudreau
June 02, 2016
Beliefs and experiences related to water can vary tremendously across cultures. Understanding how human perceptions influence the success of conservation and distribution strategies can help us do a better job of ensuring access for all.
Allie Nicodemo
May 26, 2016
People’s attitudes and perceptions affect conservation efforts as much as scientific knowledge. ASU students are exploring how different cultures perceive wastewater reuse.
Allie Nicodemo
April 11, 2016
Dogs share our homes, our lives and our hearts. Unfortunately, they also share our vulnerability to dementia, through a disease similar to Alzheimer’s. At ASU’s Canine Science Collaboratory, dogs navigate a maze to help researchers understand memory in man’s best friend.
Alexander D. Chapin
December 09, 2015
Just as our social lives have moved online so have our social problems. Tony Roberto studies cyberbullying in order to reduce its prevalence and teach people how to deal with digitally based aggression.
Erin Barton
October 15, 2015