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Social sciences

Core questions about human evolution

By drilling into ancient lakebeds along Africa's Rift Valley, a multinational team of researchers is investigating how climate change influenced human evolution.

Gut reaction: Morality in food choice

How do you decide what to eat? ASU researchers from diverse backgrounds discuss how food is connected to ethics.

Women's rights, race and reproduction

Sally Kitch talks about the intersection of gender and race, attempts at creating utopian egalitarian societies, and the challenges women face in balancing work and family.

A mile in their shoes: Understanding empathy

Karen Gerdes explains what empathy is, how to measure it, and how we can develop it to improve our quality of life and our relationships.

Local foods get more accessible

It's easier than ever to support the local food movement and reap all the benefits of buying fresh foods from your community farmers market.

Survey examines needs of student veterans

A survey of military veterans enrolled at ASU highlights the roadblocks to academic success and provides suggestions for helping veterans succeed at school.

Building security and peace after 9/11

How research is helping keep people safe and build a foundation of peace.

Returning migrants: Strangers at home

Mexican families living in the U.S. often return to Mexico or get forcibly deported. But after they’ve built a life here, their country of origin may not feel much like home.

Homeless in the heat

Imagine having no relief from the unrelenting Phoenix heat. For thousands of homeless people, that's not an unthinkable experience - it's daily life.

Dollars for diseases: Where do they come from?

Finding funding to research some diseases can be more difficult than for others. An ASU grad looked at which diseases received favorable attention and why.