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National experts to speak on human-dog bond

ASU animal psychologist Clive Wynne studies the origins of the human-dog bond, and works with shelters to enhance this bond in order to increase the success rates of adoptions.

Phoenix and ASU partner to fight sex trafficking

ASU and the Phoenix Police Department are partnering to combat the modern-day slavery that results from human trafficking.

Mining for extremism

A tool developed at ASU analyzes websites and social media to study potentially dangerous extremist movements.

Students play matchmaker to promote water reuse

ASU students help Intel and CH2M HILL develop a database that connects grey water producers and users in Arizona.

Understanding PTSD

What causes post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and how a disorder that affects millions of Americans be treated?

APACT fuses disciplines to solve challenges for the disabled

Arizona State University's APACT program brings together doctoral students from a variety of fields to find solutions to the challenges disabled people face every day.

Hooked: The complex roots of addiction

ASU researchers are trying to understand addiction by looking at it from biology, psychology and policy perspectives.

Gang behavior on the Internet

Nearly everyone uses the Internet, but not everyone uses it for legal activities. A pair of researchers examined how gang members use the Internet and how they might be committing crimes online.

Expressing love can improve your health

Giving your sweetie a Valentine heart might boost the health of your own ticker.

How affectionate are you?

Take this quiz to find out how affectionate you are.