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Physics and math

New perspectives on an ancient disease

From astronomers to engineers to theoretical physicists, ASU researchers are looking at cancer through many disciplinary lenses to make headway against this multifaceted and persistent disease.

KEDtalk: Risk is not just a four letter word

Most people don't like talking about risk. Andrew Maynard of ASU's Risk Innovation Lab does it for a living. Learn how he thinks we can all tackle risk challenges by framing them as values.

Making movies of molecular machines

The structures of some of the most scientifically important biomolecules have been impossible to determine—until now. ASU researchers helped pioneer a technique for observing these proteins in action.

ASU research makes Science's top 10 breakthroughs

Groundbreaking research from ASU scientists on protein structures has been named one of the top 10 breakthroughs of 2012 by the journal Science.

Building security and peace after 9/11

How research is helping keep people safe and build a foundation of peace.

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Cosmic playground

Paul Davies likes the big questions. The bigger the better. As director of ASU's BEYOND Center, his job is to ask and explore the fundamental questions of our existence. Are we alone in the universe? Is there more than one universe? Is time travel possible? And more.