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Materials and manufacturing

The long road ahead: Improving transportation infrastructure

Through new materials and smart sensors, researchers at ASU are paving the way to better transportation infrastructure that lasts longer, costs less and protects the environment as well as human safety.

Building on nature’s foundation

How can we make infrastructure safer and more dependable? ASU engineers and scientists are using natural systems as a guide.

A flexible future for today’s technologies

From X-ray machines that can wrap around gas pipelines to computer displays embedded in soldiers’ uniforms—ASU is manufacturing devices that stretch the possibilities of electronic technologies.

Sustainability, one building at a time

Researchers at Arizona State University have turned their attention to making buildings more sustainable by figuring out how to save energy and use materials with less negative impact.

Materials research for healthcare, energy and more

Using interdisciplinary collaboration and state-of-the-art facilities, scientists at Arizona State University are working to improve solar cell performance by using nanotechnology.

AZ = Algae (AzCATI)

This video highlights AzCATI facilities and services and shows how the center is expanding to provide even greater capabilities.

Spider men

When Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider in a lab, he became Spider-Man, a superhero with the ability to spin strong, flexible webs. Jeff Yarger and Gregory Holland are hoping to harness spider power in their lab, as well. But these real-world spider men aren’t waiting around for bizarre lab accidents.

Super spider silk

Stronger than steel, more elastic than a rubber band--spider silk has amazing properties. ASU researchers are studying spider silk proteins in the hopes of producing it synthetically.

What do we know about nano?

Nanotechnology is a vast emerging field that has many implications for science and technology as well as policy.

Flexible Computer Displays

The Flexible Display Center is a government/industry/academia partnership that’s advancing full-color flexible display technology and fostering development of a manufacturing ecosystem to support the rapidly growing market for flexible electronic displays.