Materials and manufacturing
Arizona is poised to be at the epicenter of the American semiconductor revolution, with ASU playing a starring role.
August 19, 2021
New ASU graduate program supports industry expansion.
Gary Werner
July 30, 2021
Students in ASU’s Luminosity Lab designed a launcher and probe system that could help shed light on the moon’s mysterious — and potentially water-storing — permanently shadowed regions. The team is one of eight finalists in NASA’s BIG Idea Challenge.
Mikala Kass
November 30, 2020
Arizona State University has entered a new collaboration to further advance the Phoenix metropolitan area as an important hub of the global semiconductor industry.
Gary Werner
October 29, 2020
A $12.4 million award from the Department of Energy will establish an Energy Frontier Research Center at ASU to investigate next-generation materials and reinvent the electrical grid.
Pete Zrioka
August 03, 2020