Life sciences
Though you probably see COVID-19 case numbers reported daily, the total number remains unknown due to undiagnosed infections. To address this gap, Maricopa County Department of Public Health, Mayo Clinic and ASU are collaborating on a program to provide free, voluntary and confidential antibody testing to randomly selected residents in the county.
Pete Zrioka
September 02, 2020
Where there’s smoke, there’s usually Stephen Pyne. The ASU professor emeritus has battled blazes at the Grand Canyon, published books about the history and management of wildfires, and taught a course called “Fire” — so it’s no surprise he’s the guy journalists call when a new wildfire strikes.
Lori K. Baker
August 24, 2020
Champion of transdisciplinary research will have opportunity to advance research on national scale with new post
Monique Clement
June 25, 2020
Alzheimer’s is a complex disease, so it’s only fitting that ASU is taking a multifaceted approach to studying it. From bee brains to nutrients to speech assessments, our scientists are unlocking new knowledge about this disease and helping improve quality of life for those it affects.
Mikala Kass
June 17, 2020
Simplicity of new test kits make supply chain easier to maintain, but could also help bring the cost of testing down
Joe Caspermeyer
May 26, 2020