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Carbon policy—Think globally, act locally

Why is it so difficult to enact policies that reduce carbon dioxide emissions? ASU researchers explain some of the challenges.

Series: Carbon and climate change

ASU researchers are working on new approaches to addressing climate change related to the most abundant human-produced greenhouse gas--carbon dioxide.

A sustainable city is one that you love

Zoning may not be a “sexy” part of urban development, but this tool can help citizens create a city they care about and want to sustain.

Transit-oriented development helps cities ease off the gas

The way we design and build our cities can help drive people’s transportation choices. ASU researchers are helping local cities promote sustainable transit.

Curbing urban sprawl

Phoenix is dominated by its suburban sprawl, but this model is unsustainable over the long term. ASU researchers have found that sprawl retrofitting can be a solution.

Phoenix and ASU partner to fight sex trafficking

ASU and the Phoenix Police Department are partnering to combat the modern-day slavery that results from human trafficking.

Hooked: The complex roots of addiction

ASU researchers are trying to understand addiction by looking at it from biology, psychology and policy perspectives.

Liability in a high-tech world

As science advances, laws and policies that regulate new discoveries must advance as well.

I'll sue you! Nahhh, just kidding.

The United States is a "litigation-happy" society, with citizens just waiting for the opportunity to sue. This belief is widely accepted and widely proclaimed but is it true?

CSI effect: Not guilty!

Do TV shows like CSI taint jurors' perceptions of forensic evidence? For years, legal professionals and the mass media have claimed that a "CSI effect" is influencing jury trials. But these claims aren't backed up by real data. In fact, new research from ASU indicates that watching CSI doesn't make people any more or less likely to convict.