Law and policy
AI has great potential for good, but the technology is also prone to bias and misrepresentation. Policymakers and AI developers alike are looking for policy solutions. Three ASU experts give their take on the approach, from challenges to key considerations and opportunities.
Mikala Kass
August 23, 2023
Conservation at a global scale — it’s necessary, but how do we make it possible? ASU’s environmental experts are pushing the limits of technology to get actionable insights faster.
Mikala Kass
November 14, 2022
After living in war-torn countries toppled by military coups, ASU’s Nicole Anderson is concerned about the future of U.S. democracy. And she’s taking action to preserve it.
Lori K. Baker
August 31, 2022
Diane Pataki, director of the School of Sustainability, discusses sustainability transformation and the power of individual action.
Sophia Balasubramanian
August 08, 2022
Climate change isn’t just an environmental problem, it’s also a national security issue. Two ASU experts are informing national policymakers on ways to protect our citizens.
Lori K. Baker
July 05, 2022