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Global Resolve seeks solutions

Sustainable technologies. Clean water. Affordable housing. These are some of the areas that Global Resolve addresses in the developing world.

Deconstructing friendship

Our western notions of friendship--like sharing personal secrets--aren't universal. Daniel Hruschka points out how this little-studied relationship is similar and different across cultures.

Haiti: The art of recovery

How are Haitians coping one year after the earthquake? In a recent trip to Haiti, two ASU professors discovered how art plays an important role in their lives.

Jazzy circumnavigator

Steve Limpert is an ASU student who plays the trumpet and studies electrical engineering. As a recipient of the Circumnavigator's Club Award, he will travel to 6 countries to research organic solar cells.

Home for Hope offers shelter from the storm

Natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina inspired Home for Hope, a project developed by ASU students. The venture aims to ease housing shortages by providing durable, mobile shelter units to those in need.

The human face of immigration

Elizabeth Cantú has interviewed immigrants from Eastern Europe and Canada to create a series of digital stories that illustrate their personal experiences in the process of immigrating.