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Prasad Boradkar: Designing things

Prasad Boradkar talks about the art and science of designing the products people use every day.

ASU innovation challenge: GoTiming

GoTiming was developed by ASU students as an affordable alternative to the costly timing systems used in athletic events like running and cycling.

Inventing the future

The research done at universities has produced some of the most advanced and innovative technologies and inventions.

Humans and machines improving health

Can surgeons use video games to improve their skills? At the Human Machine Symbiosis Lab, researchers create multimedia tools to help improve the health care industry.

Big effects from small stuff: Nanotech and the environment

Nanotechnology holds great promise for industries ranging from medicine to computers to fashion. But what kind of effect do all these tiny particles have on the environment? A Chandler, Arizona high school student is working with ASU researchers to find out.