7 ASU Innovation Zones across the Valley guide businesses in every step of development
Lisa McQuerrey
May 12, 2021
ASU's strong growth in expenditures was propelled by use-inspired research.
February 05, 2021
An ASU Luminosity Lab student and U.S. Air Force airmen aspire to revolutionize fighter pilot training in the annual Spark Tank competition.
Lori K. Baker
January 27, 2021
A super student team in ASU's Luminosity Lab has taken on a heroic challenge — competing to produce a life-saving mask we actually like to wear. Their efforts earned them the XPRIZE Grand Prize.
Lori K. Baker
November 18, 2020
An ASU researcher’s newest book inspires readers to unleash their innovative architect to build a better world for all.
Maya Shrikant
October 19, 2020